“Excellent tasting room located right on the bay. Amazing selection of Syrah. A better choice as far as tasting rooms in the immediate area go.”


“AMAZING TASTING ROOM!!! Highly recommend coming here if you haven’t, Great place to bring friends and big groups if your wine tasting. Every time I come here the staff here is really friendly and very welcoming too 🙂

Also, Highly recommend trying The Merlot Tempranillo hands down one of the best wines I’ve ever tasted! Tasting fee is $10 and that gets waived if you join the club which I’m thinking of maybe doing 🙂 you pick and choose what wines you like too!

In any event, highly recommend coming here wines are great, staff is great and you get a beautiful view of Monterey Bay too :)”

— Edwin L.


What a great little tasting room for a lovely Aroyo Seco winery. Located high on Laurelas Grade, they have some wonderful Chardonay and Pinot Noir.

The young man in the tasting room was also pleasant and helpful, making a simple tasting event a fun stop.

Highly recommended while you’re in the Cannery Row area.”

— John D.

“Came here is a Saturday. Dallas was helping us out. He was really easy-going and is a great teacher of wine. The environment is very inviting and you just can’t beat the view! The wines really do taste great and it’s always awesome to know that you’re drinking wines that are made in relatively small amounts. Definitely will be visiting again!”

— roy y.

“Day trip to this beautiful locale, step into this little unassuming tasting room and am blown away by the delicious wine! Greeted by the owner who’s reminiscent of a younger Sean Connery but without any of the Scottish anger? We tried the wine flight and I was greeted by a fresh and friendly chardonnay. Secondly came the Merlot tempranillo blend, very flavorful and firm yet unassuming.  It says “Hi I’m a Merlot but I will not beg for attention”  it’s subtle yet not easily forgotten.  Then the syrah is dryer but still full of chocolate notes as well as serious upbeat sensibilities.  Think dinner with the boss who may actually be thinking of promoting you if you’ll just commit yourself to more laughing!  Finally the arroyo Seco syrah is like a warm banquet of flavors. It’s got many different hints of flavors from blackberries and caramel to toasted almonds and dates. Any winery can crush a grape but it seems like these guys are infusing their wines with the laughter of children.”

— Angel A.

“Creating a perfect winery/tasting room atmosphere might be the toughest job in the world. Being “present” is a must, else customers will think you only care about their money and not them (for one of endless possible reasons: “we’re too young”, “we look like we won’t buy multiple bottles”…). But, you also can’t be TOO present, else you seem pushy (like a used car salesman).

Carmel Ridge strikes a perfect balance. I’m just about the toughest customer in terms of creating tasting room comfort. I’m young (relative to the usual crowd), so I can be particular with “hoity-toity-ness”. But I do enjoy wine and learning about the wine process, so I don’t like being ignored as if I’m just there to get booze down my gullet. I’m also still in school, so tasting rooms that slightly push you towards purchases can turn me off.

None of that existed at Carmel Ridge. The woman helping us always provided the right amount of detail for each glass. If we had questions, she answered them happily, but also allowed us to enjoy our wines in peace. She never left us waiting too long for the next wine, but also didn’t try and get us through 5 glass in 10 minutes.

Most importantly, the wines were awesome for a $10 tasting fee (waived if you get a bottle, which is an awesome deal). I’ve been through multiple tastings in Napa that cost twice this much that weren’t half as good. Also, they have an awesome dog–and that makes them awesome in my book.

Definitely a must-try my next time in Monterey.”

— Dustin M.

“Wonderful place! Stopped in during a trip to visit my parents and was not disappointed. Great wine and atmosphere. I’ll definitely be back to grab a bottle of their moscato when I’m back in town!”

— Taryn B.

“Lovely couple runs the tasting room here along with their awesome dog, Charles. I brought my dog with me and they were so sweet to immediately bring him a bowl of water.

The atmosphere and set up of the place is great, welcoming and stylish. My dog chilled out as I tasted and I was lucky enough to sit next to a local couple who were wine members and could give me tips on where to go, where to eat etc. Thanks Kevin and Kristen!

The wine was tasty and i checked in on Yelp and so got half off my tasting. How cool. I find Monterey to be a bit too bustle-y for me and will likely stay in Carmel the next time I’m in town, but this was one of my favorites, a delightful break from the touristy go-go outside. Give them a try and bring your dog!”

— Tracy D.

“We loved this little tasting room! The wines were excellent — the merlot/tempranillo blend was our favorite. Dallas was our server and he was such a great guy. Very knowledgable, pleasant and fun. Make sure to ask for him! They were child-friendly and had no problems letting our 2.5 year old play while we had wine! We bought some bottles and can’t wait to enjoy them. If you’re staying in Cannery Row this is a must!!”

— Whitney R.

“My boyfriend and I were in Monterey on vacation and decided to stop in and do a tasting. We were the only people in there so we got the best seats in the place. Had a wonderful time tasting and chatting with Paul while looking out at the beautiful view of the water. Bought 2 bottles of Syrah and Merlot (soooo good)

We got engaged shortly after we left and later that night decided to stop in again just to tell the staff how much we enjoyed our time and have a celebratory glass of wine! This was by far one of the best places we went in Monterey!”

— Meghan F.

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